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S 3 X Y - F A Q's


Why The Name
S3XY Transportation?



Tesla has Models S 3 X & Y. I Saw Elon give an interview once where he was asked, "Why don't you Trademark the S3XY"? His reply was that he wanted others to be creative with it. So.... I jumped on that bandwagon.


Do you only have Teslas?


As of Jan 2024, we do have models S, 3, X & Y available.


We also have Luxury SUV's, Luxury Sedans, other large XL vehicles. In addition, we have regular or economy sedans.


I am looking to add Limo and Black services in the coming year.

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Why should anyone use your service?


We are a small, family owned, local business and many like to support such businesses.


We strive to give excellent customer service - arriving 5-10 min early for pre-scheduled appointments - in clean vehicles - with reliable - well dressed - experienced drivers. 



If you pre-schedule your ride with us early in the morning, you don't have to worry about your driver cancelling on you because he got a better ride - causing you to miss your flight. You are our priority.

Maybe you have experienced from another company going to the airport and paying one price but when you go back home you pay a much higher price because of Surge Pricing.  With us you won't pay $35 to go to the airport but have to pay $70 to go back home from the airport. Our rates are consistent.

Maybe you would like to know that when you are ready to go we will already be there.


With us, you can pick your favorite/trusted driver vs who knows who you will get.


With us, you will be picked up by - a professional driver - in a clean car - vs riding in the back seat with a McDonald's bag on the floorboard because that guy is just taking rides as a side gig.

With us, you will receive our 'Day B4 Reminder'.

On the day of pick up, approx. 30 min prior to pick up time, you will receive a text from your driver with his/her ETA. 

With us, we typically arrive 5-10 min early - not to rush you - but to give you peace of mind.

Ask anyone who has used us before and you might get even more reasons.

Use us once and you will probably use us for life! 

I would really like to opportunity to earn your business.


Do you have merchandise?

Yes we will have Shirts, Caps, Cups, Soaps, Golf Balls, etc... available SOON at as well as Amazon. There is a Merchandise Tab on this site to give you a taste.

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I need reimbursed for business travel. Can I get a receipt?

Yes. Many of our clients travel for business. I send an invoice. You have choice of paying by Credit Card but can pay by other methods. A receipt will be e-mailed. We can Invoice all your rides at the end of the week or your trip.


Do you only do Airport Runs?

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A Special Date?


Girls night out? 

Billy Bobs?

Deep Ellum?

Cowboys Rangers Mavs Stars?

While the majority of our clients use us to go to the airport, yes, we can provide 'Special Rides For Special Occasions' !!!

And do rides to from Airport and also to from work/meetings through the week.

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Looks like this site is set up especially for Viridian residents. I live elsewhere. Can I still get a ride?

Let me check with the boss, wait, that's me! Boss says 'Absolutely'.


I am interested in driving for your company, what do I need to do?

Fill out this form and let's set up a time for an interview. There we can discuss experience and expectations etc...



What is the difference between your One Rate Plan and VIP+ One Rate Plan?


For those who fly frequently, it is likely we will be picking you up in different vehicles. Some prefer having one consistent rate for budget and convenience reasons. We are happy to offer Freq Flyers One Rate Plan.


This gives you one consistent rate regardless of which vehicle you are picked up in. Your rides will include Economy Sedans, XL, Some Luxury SUVs and some Luxury Sedans.

And for those who prefer more luxury we offer a VIP+ One Rate Plan for just a little more. Your rides will include Teslas, Luxury SUV's and Luxury Sedans and possibly BLACK Service.


My Bestie would probably use you. Do you have a referral plan?

Your Bestie would get 10% off her first ride with us and you also would get a 10% credit off your next ride.

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Why don't I see fares listed for my zip code?


My Site is Still Under Construction.. Adding content as I am able -

If you don't mind, please fill out a request form or text me and I will make a point to add your zip code to the site.

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Still Under Construction


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